These days it is easy to create websites for a business or blog. Simultaneously it is time consuming to rank newly registered domains as domain is new without authority and without any backlinks. And sometime in middle only people lose their patience and stop working on site because new domains take time to rank domains. Now here expired domains come into a picture. If you select proper and good expired domain for your site, it will take less time compare to newly created domain with 0 age to rank it. Why expired domain ranks faster, because it provides Authority, age, backlinks which was created when domain was active.Key reasons to buy expired domains:Many of you may already know that thousands of people buy expired domains. Is it beneficial for the website owner? Yes, it is beneficial. Buyers invest their money in expired domains for many reasons. We have explained those reasons so that you can decide whether it will benefit you or not. We can create a long list of benefits and explain each one of them. You may not have that much time to read and understand every perk of aged expired domains. Therefore, we have explained key benefits of buying expired domains.
  1. Domain Authority:
Buying an expired domain is way more beneficial for building a new blog or site instead of buying a fresh one. Suppose you buy a new domain, you will have to work hard to build domain authority. It may take a long time to equip it with new backlinks and content. The domain age authority won’t come any sooner. Expired domains come with their SEO value. These are much easier to rank and you can start gaining profit pretty quickly. That’s a major perk of investing money in expired domains instead of buying a fresh one!
  1. Backlinks:
Many smart guys use expired domains to build a small site. They link it to the main large website. It is a great tactic to take advantage of backlinks old and expired domains already have. Many people have private blog networks which use expired domains to build a lot of mini sites. These mini sites redirect the traffic to the main website. Thus, the main website gains better reputation and it entertains more visitors than a newly built site on a new domain. Smart people use different IP address and servers to host the mini sites. It shows that many unique online portals are linking to the main website. Thus, it becomes much easier to build backlinks. You don’t need several guest posts and guest blogs to achieve the same goal.
  1. Age:
Do you want to rank your website faster? Its age plays a crucial role and we only suggest aged expired domains at OSR. These domains come with their previous ranking power. They have numerous backlinks, which indicate you publish top-quality content to entertain the reader. Your chances of gaining top rank get higher than buying a new domain and working on it to build domain authority.How to use expired domains?OSR provides you with expired domains, which have quality link profile. There will be unoptimized anchor texts on the domain, which you can optimize to rank the site quickly. We feature aged domains, which have no spamming history. Professionals say that it is difficult to find top-quality expired domains to meet the client’s needs. We do extensive research to dig up the best domains in multiple niches. Here you can learn the best methods to use an expired domain for greater benefits. We have explained the methods for different types of online portals, which are as follows:
  1. For Money Site:
Pick an expired domain with brandable domain name. OSR features many such options to choose from. All the domains we offer have genuine links from top-quality websites. Suppose you are building a money site, get an aged domain with several Google indexed pages. Its existing traffic will benefit your site and you will start earning profit immediately. We ensure the domain has high authority and trust when a client searches expired domains for a money site. All these perks allow our clients to monetize the existing traffic and make more profit from the newly launched website.
  1. PBNs:
PBNs are pretty risky and also quite beneficial. A lot of people use expired domains to set up a personal blogging network. A PBN is a network of several blogs or websites which are linked to the main money site. Thus, it becomes much easier to increase the organic rank of the website. You can use the content published on an expired domain, which is already indexed by Google crawlers. Use some quality domains as online blogs to entertain the target audience. Link those blogs to the main money site to redirect the traffic. This way you can generate more organic traffic on your main website to gain more profit.
  1. 301/302 Redirect:
Use OSR to find the most relevant expired domains for the website. You will get domains with impressive link profiles. Buy these domains and later 301 redirect them to the main money site. You can pick several domains in the same category as your main website. Just 301 redirect them to the chosen local pages. Thus, you will be able to generate more traffic on the main website without spending more time on building backlinks. We assure you about the link quality on those expired domains. Your job is going to be much easier to rank the main site.Why choose OSR for expired domainsMany domains expire daily. Some expire because the owners do not renew them and some expire because the owner is switched to another project. These domains are worthless for most of the people, but not for us! We believe high-quality expired domains have great potential to perform great. We thoroughly check the following things before picking and listing expired domains:Backlink Profile:We look for expired or deleted domains with quality backlinks. As the domain gets a few months old, Google picks it. Any website owner creates backlinks after getting the domain indexed. We choose domains which have quality backlinks. We immediately reject domains with spammy backlinks. This precaution allows us to pick only top-quality domains for new owners.History:We present expired domains which can enhance the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. We never pick a domain which checking its history! It helps us in knowing some crucial facts, such as who owned the domain name, domain’s activities, and type of websites. We use highly advanced tools to check expired domain history. It makes the list only if it had a good history!All domains indexed:We carefully check for sites, which were indexed by Google’s site crawlers. This action reveals backlinks pointing to the domain. Further analysis reveals whether those backlinks are spam or genuine.We do check Anchor Text Spam:We never recommend our clients to invest in expired domains with anchor text spam. Our team carefully looks for scammy words and foreign characters. We also ensure that all the anchor texts make sense. If the previous owners used unnecessary keywords to rank the domain, we don’t recommend buying it. Google has strict policies against anchor text spamming. Therefore, we never pick expired domains with anchor text spam!We do check SEO Metrics, DR, DA, TF and Referring Domains:We rely on a variety of premium tools to reveal SEO metrics, referring domains, DR, DA, and TF. All these details matter when it comes to ranking a website. Therefore, our team pays special attention to these details and we pick only top-quality expired domains for your needs.We have sold over 800+ domains and counting:As you have just learned, we use top-quality tools and techniques to pick top-quality expired domains. Over 800 clients have trusted us and chose expired domains we provide at OSR. Those domains are performing better than their expectations. Therefore, they all recommend our services and you will also admire our support if you pick expired domains featured here.